GIVENS is a Chicago based experiential
designer, creative director, professional musician, DJ, and software developer armed with a BA in Fine Arts from St. Mary's College, and a graduate of Northwestern University's coding program. They create interactive and immersive experiences that consist of experimental light, architectural, and furniture design, audio visual art, 3D/2D animation, and full stack + augmented reality software development, in addition to music composition and artistic direction. Their work has been shown in various capacities, including a permanent art Installation at Pier Park in South Bend Indiana.Their work has also notably been shown for Redbull at the Dance your style US National Championship, Summer Smash Music Festival, SXSW,
The LINE Hotel Austin, TX, Expo Chicago, Public Works Gallery in Chicago, and Bishop Arts Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

Outside of their solo ventures they are the founder of GIVENS Studio. a chairman and executive board member at the South Bend Museum of Art, a board member of the the artist residency program for the ATX based non-profit Brown State of Mind, and the creative director of the Chicago fashion Coalition, and is apart of the DJ duo Black Club.

Artist Statement
Light is the source of all life in this world and worlds beyond. It's energy   that  is simplified but not defined. I consider all my pieces to be simple configurations that are complex beings, the form of the formless; not bound by  perception or perceived notion.  The work  I create uses Light, form, and sound as a means to create  portals to new dimensions, connecting this world to the worlds unseen by the eye. Although the transportation that occurs may not necessarily be physical, light, unlike any other element can act as a means to affect emotion and perception of a space thus distorting reality as we know it.  
Light sculptures by the artist GIIIVENS will capture your attention as the music grooves along and the drinks flow. - Julian Ramirez, Third Coast Review
EPK and CV sent upon written request 
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